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A fundamental feature of FtL’s work is a holistic approach to community development to improve the access to and quality of education for marginalised and vulnerable children and their families. Our dedicated team of local staff and grass roots partner organisations devise and implement projects related to the health and welfare of students and their families; training for staff and students; local, national and international advocacy; English teaching programmes; bikes to school projects; IT skills; equipment for schools and school meals; identifying sponsorship for children to improve the level education in this remote area; equality and rights.

Himalaya Balbalika

The projects developed by Himalaya Balbalika respect and promote local tradition, paying special attention to protecting the cultural inheritance of the Tamang people while at the same time ensuring there is the opportunity for living a comfortable life in the rapidly modernising world around them. ...

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Conversations in Kullu

One of the projects that Freedom to Learn has facilitated is Conversations in Kullu. A development project that enabled students at the Himalayan Buddhist Cultural School to learn more about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and to explore what this charter means in relation to their own ...

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Become a Pen Pal

Many of the children we work with do not have ready access to television and other forms of media and yet are extremely interested in learning about other countries and cultures and the way we live. On the flip side, we believe that this cultural understanding is of enormous value to children in the ...

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