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Edulift’s Explorer Course up and running

Take a look at some of the pictures of our fantastically creative Explorer Course run by the very talented facilitators at Edulift. Young school leavers working on different ways into employment with creative arts workshops, careers counselling, computer skills classes, and further academic support in order for young and adventurous students to access fulfilling employment.  
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Latest in the Ride for Life Programme

4 schools, 110 bikes, 30 workshops, and loads of learning! These bikes get students to school twice as quickly (our AoE students walk an average of 1 hour 20 mins to school and back each day – some as much as 3.5 hours!) But Ride for Life has brought so many unexpected outcomes: They are becoming a major part of school life, used for science experiments, mapping out routes in geography, racing them in sports, learning bike mechanics, environmental studies and green campaigns in their villages and the city. Students are also taking responsibility for the bikes and learning management while
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