There are a number of ways in which individuals or organisations can help towards giving a child the freedom to learn:

  • Give a one off donation of your choice.
  • On a long term commitment of £10 per month for ten years. (£1200 for a full education)
  • A monthly donation at your own discretion of any amount – every pound counts!

If you decide to sponsor a child or support us via monthly giving, you will receive updates on FTL’s progress. It is possible to personally correspond with a child and their family if you wish to, please ask us more about how to do this via the ‘contact us’ page. Corporate donations and sponsorship can be an excellent way of supporting a good cause and can be offset with tax relief. This principle applies whether it is a one off payment or a regular Gift Aid Scheme.

Click below to donate using your PAYPAL (We totally appreciate your funds whichever method you choose! However it does cost FTL each time we process sponsorship money through PayPal. We can manually process with only the cost of a stamp, click the contact us for more information and we will send you the relevant form – thank you!)

Monthly Giving

Our ongoing work, ensuring that 8 vital education projects working in 6 different schools in India and Nepal, costs us considerable funds every month. Much of our resources come in from grant making trusts and volunteers, but our monthly supporters are essential to providing school meals, uniform, stationery and teacher’s wages. Our team could not continue to do their fantastic work without your help. A monthly donation of any amount makes it possible that we can get more children access to and improve quality of education to those who need it the most.

Individual Sponsorship

Freedom to Learn sponsors individual children as well as supporting partner organisations in providing education for those children and young people who need it most. Many of children we are currently working with come from some of the poorest regions of the Himalayas. They are often discriminated against socially and professionally even though this kind of prejudice is illegal under Indian and Nepali government legislation.
Attempts to integrate these communities into mainstream society and the state education system have brought with it many problems. The enforcement of policies such as positive discrimination have often been insensitive to the religious and cultural identities of the communities in these areas and resulted in cultural denigration. We always work with non-profit organisations such as the Himalayan Buddhist Cultural Organisation, Rural Community Foundation Nepal, and Himalaya Balbalika who not only provide the opportunity of excellent education, preparing the children and young people for competing in mainstream society, but will also value and nurture their indigenous cultural and religious heritage.
Freedom to Learn also has a firm commitment to work with organisations, communities, and individuals to overcome historical prejudice and discrimination which has prevented girls and young women from these areas benefiting from the personal, social and financial security an opportunity for education can bring.