Himalaya Balbalika

The projects developed by Himalaya Balbalika respect and promote local tradition, paying special attention to protecting the cultural inheritance of the Tamang people while at the same time ensuring there is the opportunity for living a comfortable life in the rapidly modernising world around them. As well as supporting individual children and ensuring they receive the best education available, Freedom to learn also aims to offer support to organisations and NGO’s based in India and Nepal which share our goals and working ethos. For example Himalaya Balalaika runs several educational projects for children from remote areas of the Nepalese Himalayas. Based in the Rasuwa District and run by local people, the organisation works tirelessly to improve the conditions for the local Tamang communities. Rasuwa’s school infrastructure is extremely limited and the living conditions for the village communities in the district are harsh and increasingly economically unviable. There is a rural exodus of Tamang people, hoping for a better life in Kathmandu. Most are unfortunately met with the sad reality that their dreams rarely come true, often leading to exploitation and becoming trapped in a cycle of poverty.

A fundamental feature of Himalaya Balbalika’s work is a holistic approach to community development; devising and implementing projects related to training, agriculture, tourism, as well as identifying sponsorship for children to improve the level education in this remote area.

Freedom to Learn is in partnership with Himalaya Balalaika offering sponsorship opportunities and training for educational projects in the area. The work makes a massive difference to the children and their family’s future: the difference between living below the poverty line, and above it and beyond! You can also play a role in this important work! Check out the ‘I can help’ page!


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