“Act on Eduction” Community Education and Forum Theatre, Nepal

This is our leading programme, enabling school staff, project workers, local and national leaders to develop a fuller understanding of what difficulties millions of children in Nepal face every day, and from voices of the young people themselves. This understanding has lead to attitude and policy change at ground and government levels ensuring better quality education for thousands of children. Alongside our excellent working partners Rural Community Foundation Nepal (RCF) Freedom to Learn’s “Act on Education” has been working with over 800 young people in the Kathmandu Valley using creative drama and film methods to develop confidence in advocacy and generate change in their schools and communities. From 1996 to 2006 Nepal endured a decade of civil war in which over 16,000 people were killed and an estimated 150,000 people were internally displaced, many of these were women and children. The original pilot project worked with 100 marginalised young people (mainly domestic workers) from migrant families in the Kathmandu Valley. The key aims of the project were to: enhance individual and group confidence; help the young people gain the skills to communicate the problems they experience on a daily basis; and develop skills in advocacy in order to engage effectively with key stakeholders in order to improve their situation and educational experience. Due to the workshops and events facilitated the groups achieved some magnificent results including 3 PFA associations set up and running, a school cleaner being hired, money raised for school meals – the list goes on! Since 2012 the work has been continued by RCF and FtL staff, Creative Youth Volunteers, and local community leaders in 8 schools. A key element to this programme has been the training of local young leaders and teachers, with an essential guide ‘Act on Education How to Positively change your school community’ A step by step guide to Creative Community Building Model for public schools in Nepal. Check out this link to see what is is all about!

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