Trip to School….

Hello – it is nearly Spring! And this month two of our trustees are off to Nepal and India visiting all the children involved in FtL projects and all those young students who are sponsored by our generous FtL sponsors! We will be sending picutres and messages from all the schools – so watch this space…..

Also a MASSIVE thank you to ERSF who have recently granted the required funds for FtL, SPACE and CHR to develop a resource based on a Creative Development model to nuture vulnerable students in state led schools. The method empowers young people and gives them the skills and platform to articulate their concerns and build relationships with parents, guardians, employers, educators and service providers. It can prove an effective catalyst for addressing many of the problems the young people face on a daily basis, and improve disadvantaged children’s lives and well-being. Work of this nature is proven to have a direct impact on support for attendance; school facilities; children’s working hours, appreciation of the importance of education; and ultimately access to, and quality of primary education for children. This new reasource and training programme will create positive and lasting changes needed to help disadvantaged children across Nepal with the potential to make a hugely significant impact in governement schools across the counry. We are so excited to be able to take on this task and cannot wait to see the results coming through! The project will begin in July and we wish all of the facilitating staff and young people in Nepal the very best of luck!

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