First Week Complete

Few! We are very happy to say we are now working with 107 children across the Katmandu district, 3 schools and 2 children’s clubs of particularly hard working children who have been an inspiration to our team of facilitators.  I would like to express all of our appreciation to the children, who have already shown commitment to the workshops and, as far as they are able, honesty to the process. So far they have worked on finding ways of expressing themselves and their current situations. Some of the children are so tired from their work they are unable to work at school and therefore regularly get in to trouble with their teachers. Many of them do not have enough money to have any lunch at school or buy suitable uniform and equipment. One of the stories portrayed this week was of a girl working in a factory; as well as school she works 49 hours a week stitching carpets.

We have attached some pictures and explanations so you can gain an insight into some of the work so far…..Please keep in mind that it is not all doom and gloom and the purpose of the project is to work towards ensuring a safe and successful future for these children!

Nearly 40% of the children have conveyed their wish to be in the army, they have expressed ideas of revenge towards the Maoists, and duty to their country.

the group have been learning photographic skills, this picture was taken by a girl with no previous camera experience. Wow!

working together the group can work towards finding solutions as a team

Through informal discussions the group talk about the issues that have arisen through their drama work.

All of the children we are working with are working with have much work outside of school.

Images of violence and tension at school have been very common

Washing clothes for her employers