RUWON SPACE and FTL in Katmandhu

Nemaste! This Monday we began the first week of a new Theatre and Film for Development Project based here in the Katmandu Valley, Nepal. It is really exciting to be working with our new partners in Katmandu who are working very hard to make a difference in their own communities to try and secure long-term peace for Nepal.  Between our 3 organisations we have a team of four experienced facilitators, carrying out workshops across five different schools and children’s clubs. For the next 8 weeks Space, Ruwon and Freedom to Learn are working together  with children aged 10-15. These young participants principally come from poor migrant communities who have come to Katmandu as a result of the recent armed conflict, or they are children of marginalised families facing a range of social and domestic difficulties. The young people will be exploring ideas of identity, community, self-esteem, gender empowerment and the importance of formal and informal education. We’ll keep you updated… this space…………

Getting down some initial ideas

This morning in Kushidevi

Children from Kushidevi sharing a joke with Bandana of RUWON

Getting to work for the first
time with a group of children from Bouda