Happy New Year! Lots to report…

At the moment not only are all our sponsored students celebrating great results from the last year and feel part of happy school communities, some of them have also been enjoying participating in a number of FtL partner projects too. Act on Education, facilitated with our partners SPACE, now has 8 pilot projects across the centre of Nepal with the resource guide being tested to the limit as well as regular workshops also continue with our 5 AoE schools in Kathmandu. With our partners Care Himalayan Region we are near to completion on a fantastic project supported by ERSF with all sorts of supportive elements including computers and the employment of a qualified computer teacher, clean drinking water, toilets, school furniture, uniforms, stationery, farming and gardening tools, seeds and more! Suntakhan School also now has more reliable power thanks to ERSF and has also gained 50 bicycles making the journey into school easier and quicker, the students are learning how to maintain the bikes and be safe on the bumpy roads and precarious mountain paths. Suntakhan has a new dedicated English teacher, who teaches every child in the school on a daily basis so that each student will have the English skills they need for their future employment or further education.

2015 is the year to be excited about. With more plans in the pipe line many small, dedicated and locally led grass roots NGO’s partnering with FtL’s support and co-ordination, understand their communities and make BIG differences step by step every day. The hard work and dedication by so many of the volunteers, staff and is now showing real-term results in every child’s life.

A MASSIVE Thank you to all FtL supporters and a very happy new year, with every hope it is a positive one for you all! 🙂
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Thank you!

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